Well Suited: Three tips to rockin’ it in the workplace

written by Tonya Evans October 23, 2017

Do you remember what you wanted to achieve when you graduated from college or high school? What was your big goal? Mine was to land a job in Corporate America. I know right? That was my first big goal in life. It sounds silly now. But somehow, I knew that I would learn a great deal there {and I did and am forever grateful}. I knew exactly what I wanted to gain from that experience; and what I would bring to the table.

I was determined to become an emerging leader, leave my mark by launching great projects and initiatives that would make a difference. I had the best of intentions.

But on more than one occasion I found myself launching projects that I wasn’t truly passionate about and doing great work to move up the corporate ladder but with little creativity. I went for promotions for the sake of being promoted and slowly watched myself transform from the intrapreneur I wanted to be to the cliche corporate business women – using corporate speak that was uninspired, wearing a corporate bun that I thought made me look smart.

Gradually I went from super excited to apathetic. The role hadn’t really changed. I still liked my industry and my overall function, but was gaining more opportunities and a positive internal reputation but I was loosing myself.

So what happened? I fell in love with the accolade high.

I had aborted strategic objectives for tactical ones – because that was a tangible demonstration of ALL the hard work I was doing. I was so wrong. All of it left me drained of my creativity, energy and enthusiasm.I was hired because of my love of my work and my writing and my passion for that work.

I morphed into someone I didn’t know or want to be. I knew I had to make some changes. Here are a few tips you can use if you are feeling a little lost at work:

  1. Remind yourself that your passion and ideas are priceless. You are unique and one of unkind.
  2. Map out each quarter to take on stretch projects. These can be projects that allow you to learn something new or work in a new way.
  3. Find ways to outsource the tasks in your work that you don’t enjoy. We have parts of are work that we may not be in love with. Try to find ways to do more of what you love. To get through the other parts schedule specific times to push through the other pieces and or get admin support where you can.
  4. Learn something new and share it with your team. Take a class or attend a conference to stay ahead of the curve. You can also study on your own to build your on subject matter expertise.
  5. Dress for success. That means dressing in a way that makes you feel confident, powerful and ready for all that may come your way. Don’t be bound by the traditional norms of ‘suit.’

Here is my three ingredient special sauce to rock the new suit in the workplace:

  • Mix the traditional with non-traditional like this classic jacket and relaxed track inspired pant.
  • Going big and bold with accessories
  • Using separates to the max

Do what suits you and you’ll fall in love with your work and your work wardrobe all over again! 

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