This back to school and fitted jumper gave me all the feels

written by Tonya Evans August 20, 2019

Moms you know the deal…we count down the days to the end of the school year. And by August are tempted to call the school to find out if they could take just your children back a few days {weeks} early.

It’s our normal roller coaster ride but this year was different. My oldest is going to high school. He’s a freshman now and I know exactly how I feel about it. I don’t like it. Up to now, I’ve gone out of my way to be totally present with my kids and embrace and enjoy every age. As exhausting as they were, I tried to enjoy my son’s new found independence through the terrible 2’s and in most cases just brushed my shoulders off when it seemed like the only word my kids knew as ‘no.’ I loved their absolutely silly middle school years and learned they are funny and fun little beings.

But now it was high school is here and I profoundly know that my son will only be with me for four more years. He walks into a room and my eyes fill with tears or he’ll catch me staring at the young handsome, kind, sweet, man-of-God he has become.

I wanted this look to have a nostalgic seventies vibe. My son taking the photos made that really easy. I keep trying to remind myself that we have tons of time as a tear rolls down my check. And that it is fine to be grateful, thankful and a little sad all at the same time.

Jumper by Vici Collection


For we are moms. And we raise these little heart beats outside of our bodies and prepare them everyday to one day walk away. I just wish someone had prepared me.

What I am doing is making sure that me and my husband our super connected. I’m investing in me so I have plans and interests outside of my kids. And journaling notes of nostalgia and love. How are you handling your kids growing up? Share you coping tools below.


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