The Power of Color

written by Tonya Evans April 24, 2019

Like the weather, I love how color can totally change your mood. When I first began working as an image consultant, I was shocked at how powerful color is. During our training, we dive into color psychology to learn how color can change perception, make you more approachable or repel people you want to connect with. In doing color consultants for over 10 years, I am floored at how color can make you look tired or make you look incredibly vibrant and energetic.

That’s why is so important for speakers to understand what color says about you and understand that the right color selection can give you and immediate way to connect and build immediate rapport with your audience.

And try this…the next time you attend an event, choose a vibrant color. You’ll notice that the camera person is drawn to you in a sea of black and navy and you will love the after event photos, social media posts and selfies with colleagues and other event goers.

So how do you use color more effectively when dressing for the stage? Here are a few tips to help you stand out and set the tone for your next big speech:

Four Tips

1) Find out what your stage backdrop will be. Stay away from wearing that color so you stand out on stage. Red or white are great colors against a black background.

2) What is the make-up of your audience? Vibrant colors colors are great with groups like college students or more creative audiences like marketers and bloggers.

3) Yes, red is a power color but try go for other colors like dark green, deep purple and royal blue is eye-catching alternatives.

4) Instead of trying to look the part of expert for your audience – like choosing black to make you look more serious – remember that you’re already the expert in the room. It’s why you were hired. Instead choose colors make you look and feel your most vibrant!

The right color will have them singing I can’t keep my eyes off of you!

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