The 3 things you need to look great in a bikini – no bikini necessary

written by Tonya Evans July 30, 2019

It’s almost the end of the summer. It’t the last few weeks to take off on that summer getaway and look great in a a bikini…or not. If you are like me, you love the water and the warm weather. I believe in summertime all year and have more bathing suits than the law should allow but shopping for swimwear each year is never fun. in additon to the style debate – one-piece or two piece – even me the stylist, can never find one that fits me in all the right places and hides all the wrong ones.

Years ago, I learned that looking great while lounging by the pool or laying on the beach had nothing to do with getting into a tiny bikini. Here are the three things I learned from the oh so chic who jet set from Cabo to the Almafi Coast about beachside glamour.

First, Focus on the cover up. It’s not about the bikini – it’s all about the cover up. Picture yourself walking down the beach with a floral printed caftan or flowy cover up that shouts, “i am here. The lounging can begin.” It keeps you cool and covered and you’ll look so fab no one will even notice what’s underneath.

Next grab a wide rimmed hat, panam style version or fedora. A hat will protect your skin from the sun, your hair color from damage and dulling and take wet hair from drab to fab. My favorite style is the Panama. Shop it here.

Sunglasses over everthing. Sunglasses are the beginning and end of my summer look. I selected this pair from Coach this summer but choose a pair that matches your style and personality and don’t be afraid to up the glamour and drama with your selection.

With these tips you’ll turn heads with your beachside style without the beach body. So relax and focus on the important details over the last few weeks of summer… like cocktails at sunset.

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