Here’s how to make them so into brand you

written by Tonya Evans April 9, 2017

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, our audience – potential clients, strategic partners and future employees – are looking to your brand for trust, value, consistency and thought leadership. Many have already taken some steps to begin to build a professional brand such as appearing in a Google search and creating a memorable social media profile.

As you continue to strengthen and broaden your presence, here are some tips to creating a magnetic brand that is consistently polished and professional:

  1. Make sure that each platform looks like another story in part of the same series. Use consistent colors, visual elements and tagline across each platform.
  2. Be clear about your message and service offerings. Another media platform does not require a new message. In fact, having multiple messages can undermine your brand. To further position your expertise, make sure that your content is relevant and focused on a specific issue and distinct point of view..
  3. Focus on the media channels where your clients are most likely to find you. With hundreds of platforms available today and hundreds more in the works, focusing on those platforms that attract your target audience is key. Think about where you the reader will search for information on your expertise and establish your voice at those key connection points.
  4. Have a conversation with your audience. This is the time when talking back is encouraged. Make sure to give your audience an opportunity to have a dialogue with you about your point of view by encouraging blog or email comments, incorporating polls about topics of interest to your followers and adding your voice to the conversation of other blog posts.
  5. A picture says a thousand words. Your photos may differ across each media platform but each should convey your image as a leader and industry authority. Try wearing a signature color, accessory or other style element that supports your brand image and provides a glimpse into your personality.

In short, create a lifestyle for your brand that consistently communicates your brand message in words, pictures and videos.

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