I was a fearless mama wanna be

written by Tonya Evans April 9, 2017

I know that I am a very lucky {hastag blessed} girl. There are times when I look at my life and feel incredibly blessed for every moment. My kids are healthy and thriving. I have a husband that I love and family and friends that adore me and I adore them right back. By all accounts I was a fearless mama.

Any mom will tell you that they’ve forgotten what not being a mom feels like. I have. Because protecting them, nurturing them and championing their dreams seems like all I’ve ever known. A few years ago, I completely lost myself…so awash in taking care of them that I could no longer see me. How do I dress? What do I like to do? And why did I buy that ugly dress?

Since that period, I’ve spoken to countless women who feel the same way. Women who have everything going for them on the outside, but in a quiet dressing room admit they’re a little lost on the inside.

I want my daughter and my son to experience the best mom I can be. That means that it’s ok to miss a night or two at home to allow me to take a class, unwind with friends or create, run a business booth and connect with like minds. I have to model positive friendships to my daughter by showing her the bond between my dear friends and me. I have to show my son that it’s ok to love daddy and love me at the same time.

The fiercest women I know are fearlessly true to themselves and their needs – unapologetically. They commit themselves to service, business building, creative endeavors and girlfriend time.

So go ahead – make the space to become the fearless mama you’ve always wanted to be.

What I wore: Love this little three piece number. Comfy chic and classic. Get it here.



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