Professional Branding: 3 Tips to Professional Reputation & Authenticity

written by Tonya Evans July 4, 2017

When I first launched my business, personal branding had just begun to be a thing. I loved the idea of individuals taking responsibilities for their own careers and creating a real professional development plan that was strategic and included their long-term goals.

I devoured every article and as many courses on the topic as I could – eventually adding professional branding to my existing image and communications service offerings. That period of time was something very special. It has been such a pleasure to meet and work with so many amazing women.

Some were on the verge of launching huge national or even international brands while others were just beginning to define their professional identities and hone their image. What I loved most about working with each of these clients was their passion – their passion for their work, passion to share their message and their passion for

But each of them led from a place of sharing a message, building a business or launching a platform that would propel others. When I’m asked about my branding practice, I always start with these three questions that you can and here is a sneak peak at a few behind the scenes shots from my new client.

What does your brand stand for? Your brand should stand for more than just ‘I or me.’ A real brand gives wind to the dreams of others. What will be the characteristics of your brand? How will your professional reputation impact others?

Why now? Fabulous brands come from a place of need and that this is necessary feeling in your heart. Launching anything new takes time, commitment and passion. Understanding your sense of urgency is hugely important and so is your why now.

What do I have that others do not? You are unique and should bring a different perspective to whatever it is that you do. What makes your professional perspective different? Think about how you do what you do and you’ll better understand what sets you apart.

Recently, I got to work with a client that has a passion for people and her new business checks off all the above boxes. I have the honor to be a part of Abbiegail Samuel’s new branding team. Here is a link to her site and some behind the scenes shots of our recent video shoot {styled by me}.

What stage is are you at in launching your professional reputation and creating a brand?  Where are you struggling? Share your thoughts on branding and professional reputation. I would love to hear from you!

All the best,

Tonya Rochelle



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