I tried Fenty Skin - today is the perfect day to start something new

Be open to the evolution you

I’m welcoming fall with open arms. You guys new me and I love a good change of seasons, particularly because I live in Florida so it just means a nice coolness to the air and no more humidity. No matter what the season, it always signals a transformation. Some of them happen slowly like falling leaves and others seem to happen over night, like waking up to a chill in the air after months of warm weather.

A change in seasons is a signal that we are always evolving and that is never too late or too early to make a change. That seems true more than ever this year when life seems so fragile.

But yet, we often sit on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to leap into action. Let me let you in on a little secret – perfect never comes. What comes is doubt, fear and procrastination until we never really launch the thing.

And sadly it’s because most of us love creating goals more than we like doing the work that makes then a reality. And some of us are waiting on our friends or family members to come on board with our idea or business.

What if you tried something new too?

What if you committed to launching? What if you committed to getting in better shape? It could mean getting your blood pressure down, losing ten pounds or increasing your flexibility? What if you committed to going back to school and promised yourself that you would apply and take one class before year-end?

What if you truly committed to switching careers and hired a career coach, worked with a mentor and updated your resume? What if you committed to connecting with the friends and family you miss and made the time for a weekly catch up call.

I committed to taking better care of the skin I’m in. So I started by going to the dermatologist to see what my skin now needs. I now drink at least 6 glasses of water of day – that’s the hardest step of all. And, I’ve been trying new skin care products for the last few months to see what makes my skin feel the most hydrated and smooth and has a little bit of wrinkle prevention sprinkled in too.

Right now, I’m trying the new line, Fenty Skin. What I love about it is that they keep it super simple– wash, tone and moisturize. I’m a sunscreen junkie and was excited to know that their moisturizer includes 30 SPF so I don’t have to pile on the products under my makeup. It also has fresh, clean smell too and both the toner and moisturizer target dark spots that I want gone. You can get each piece individually but I always believe that products work better together so I got the bundle. Here’s the link if self-care and skincare was one of your goals too.

Small actions have a snowball effect. Commit to take small steps over time to amount to a big pile of success. Happy changing!!

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