What to expect when you're NOT expecting

Now’s the time to create a health plan for a better body beyond babies

I will never forget the first item I told a friend that I was pregnant. She congratulated me, and then said emphatically, “You HAVE to get the book, 'What to Expect When You’re Expecting!," she began, "Never mind, I’ll send it to you.”

If you’ve been pregnant, I have no doubt in my mind that you have this book! And if you’ve never been pregnant, it provides a play by play of what to expect every week of your pregnancy. The "Bible" for pregnancy so to speak. From changes in your body to changes in what comes out of your body - yeah I’m talking flatulence - you know what to expect from your changing body.

When my body started to change, I set out to find the ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ for perimenopause. What I got was friends who had the same questions as I did. Thankfully, my gynecologists asked lots of the questions that I didn’t know to ask but I was still so lost as to what this new period in my life meant for me.

With both of my children, I heeded the advice of my doctor and took a prenatal vitamin everyday. So I started there. I went to the doctor and I got a battery of tests and blood work to find out what my body was missing and what it now needed for optimal health. One of the things that I discovered is that I now needed Vitamin D so supplements were in order.

I journaled about changes to my body and health.

I did my own detective work for my body’s needs. I knew that my metabolism was out of whack so I tracked what my eating looked like on both normal and super hectic weeks. I also tracked my energy levels and found out that I no longer wanted a midday nap when my energy crashes, however I now hit the wall around 4:30pm - the time when my schedule is the most crazy and I need my energy the most to get through crazy kid’s drop off and pick up schedules.

Journaling about my health empowered me to create a health plan and find out what I need to be the healthiest me right now and led me to these two things that have been game changers:

  • Your Body in Balance. This book by Dr. Neal D. Barnard was a game changer for me. It’s not quite as detailed as what to expect when but it gives you a great blueprint so that you know how to create an optimal health plan.

  • Ritual. I knew I needed vitamins but I am much more careful about what I put into my body. These supplements have everything that my body needs, and none of the extra stuff it doesn’t. Love that they are vegan and don’t have any artificial colors or fillers. Believe it or not, lots of over the counter vitamins do. Taking supplements in the past often left me with an upset stomach and nausea for hours. But these have a no-nausea capsule and minty, not-medicine, taste.

I am forever grateful to have my health - THAT is true wealth! And so glad to have these tools to help me stay that way. What has your health journey looked like?

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