What 2020 taught me that I now can’t live without

The four lifestyle tools I am taking with me into 2021

This has been such a huge year. Yep 21 days in and we have already lived a full year of life. We had an insurrection, an inauguration and the intense realization that the last four years has been a lot.

What was great about 2020 was that we all had to figure out what we needed to do to make it through. For me, it made me more self-sufficient in many ways and really dependent on others in other ways. I don’t know about you but it’s taken me some time to process the last year to see what I learned and also what habits - good or bad - that I picked up.

“We live and learn or perhaps more importantly we learn and live. "~Terry Pratchett

Here are the lifestyle changes that I picked up and plan to use to make the most out of 2021.

1. I became a beauty guru. Ok, I exaggerated a little bit here but I learned to be my own nail tech and hair colorist. First I played around with my natural hair, and I fell even more in love with wigs. The pandemic meant less fuss and more focus so wigs became my go to for shooting photos and videos. I also did my own nails and this . While I am back to going to the nail salon, I keep this at-home nail kit on standby.

2. I became my own personal trainer. I really miss going to the gym. Especially, because I was a member of a small fitness gym where the group celebrates and truly cheers you on each day. But for safety, I decided to work out a home. We started strong as a family but then my ‘teammates’ changed our workout schedule and I was on my own. To fit, I used everyoneactive.com. They have a video library of workouts so you’ll never get bored. I also relied on my Apple watch and the iPhone app, Interval Pro to take care to track my intensity and calories burned.

3. I became more mindful of mindfulness. There were some really anxious days during the first weeks of the pandemic. And is the pandemic raged on I had a few emotional breakdowns. True story. I didn’t want to wear my mask. I was majorly stressed about the impact the no end in sight isolation was doing to my active kids. To make a long story short, I was super stressed out. I did two things. I reached out to a group of friends and shared my anxiety. Huge help to know they were there and to know I wasn’t alone and I downloaded the UCLA Mindfulness app. It’s got great guided meditations and it’s free.

4. I became an ANTI-multi-tasker. I realized that so many of the things that I do in my life had become extremely mechanical as I applauded myself for juggling multiple tasks at a time. But the truth was many of those things were done without passion and I decided to make presence a practice. The biggest thing that helped was to write everything and I mean every down. It helped clear my mind and allow me to be in the moment. Any notebook will do but here’s a beautiful stationery company (and it’s black owned). I love the cover that reads ‘The Future is Female.’

After the year that can only be described as a rough ride, I’m thankful for lessons learned and tools to help me be better than yesterday.

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