Three Ways to Leverage Your Past Experience for Future Success

Use consistency, history and habits to make your goals come true

Two years ago was the third time that I set out to reinvent myself - about the fifth time in total. Why might you ask? Because I believe that you never stop learning and growing. Sometimes God opens a door for you to learn something or improve in an area of your life and then it’s time to move on. For me, I go into each season with a specific goal in mind whether that is to learn something new or reach a business goal. Once that goal is achieved, it’s like an internal clock starts to go off in my head and the quiet voice whispers, it’s time to move.

This time in my transition was different because I didn’t feel any motivation to move on. I had become complacent, also known as, comfortable. I was comfortable with what I was doing. I was comfortable with my income and I was comfortable with day to day grind or so I thought.

So I started to find ways to get motivated. I registered for way too many webinars, followed way too many leaders in my space and listened to podcasts morning, noon and night. It helped to a certain extent but all those outside voices left me feeling confused and overwhelmed - stuck.

Eat that elephant one bite at a time.

Have you ever felt that your business or life is stuck on stuck? I was right there with you. But thankfully, I have been there before and knew exactly what to do. Here’s what I did to get unstuck:

  1. I looked at my history. There is a line in a gospel song that says, “I don’t believe, He’s brought you this far to leave me.” I love that line! He here is God as a reminder to get back to basics. To remember that you have been successful before. You’ve reached your dreams before and you can do it again. I listed all of my previous successes and challenges that I had overcome. It gave me an immediate confidence boost. Take 10 minutes to write down a list of your previous successes to remind yourself that you can do this.

  2. Remember previous success habits. When you look at periods of time when you were the most successful you can normally find trends in your behavior. Were you waking up early to study to pass a test for a professional certification? Did you start your day with meditation? Do you commit and stick to working on your goal 2-3 hours a day? Take an inventory of the previous habits that contributed to your success and implement those practices to help you reach your new goal.

  3. Focus on consistency. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” This is true of your big goals as well. Whether you are launching a business, trying to lose weight, switching careers or making a transition, break your goal into small pieces. Then make a list of two to three things that will help your reach your goal - and do them without excuse, consistently every single day.

What are the signs that you feel when it is time to make a change? What do you do to move your visions forward? Grab your favorite pastry, laptop and a coffee and comment below to share your success habits.

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