The Perfect Bar Cart to Bring in the New Year

And the six elements you’ll need to create a stylish bar cart at home

I love to watch old black and white movies and there are certain unforgettable, iconic images. One of them is the woman of the house coming down the stairs in an incredibly dramatic silk robes and heeled house sleepers. The other is the ever so chic bar cart.

There are countless movies featuring the rolling beverage caddy which originated in the Victorian area as a tea trolley used to serve tea and biscuits. After Prohibition in the early 1930’s the tea trolley evolved to the bar cart - a focal point for entertaining that popped up on movie screens and then in American homes across the country.

We did some home renovations this summer and I selected the perfect spot for a bar cart just in time for a small gathering with the girls for drinks in celebration of the New Year. Here are the elements that I used to create a welcoming bar cart to make cocktail confections and celebrate the ones you love.

“I love that this is such a personal way to welcome and treat my friends."

Beautiful bottles

The first thing that you need is pretty bottles of beverages. Start with your favorite drink and go from there. I chose Makers Mark because Makers Mark it makes my two favorite drinks - Makers Mark and coke and a Maker Mule. Here’s a great recipe. I also enjoy Perrier and selected a few in cans for pops of color as well as a bottle of xx for wine spritzers.


Make your cart come to life with something living. My preference is flowers but a plant or even a cactus that is super to take care of is just as beautiful. You can also add living color in the form of lemons, limes or other ingredients in vibrant colors.


Add trays in different sizes to bring in patterns and help keep your display organized. Select a tray in a different shape or pattern to compliment the overall design.


This one is kind of a given but again, try to choose glassware that speaks to you and how you entertain. As a wedding gift my husband and I got a bottle of Perrier-Jouët that came with two Champagne flutes. Founded in 1911, I feel in love with the brand and became a collector of the gorgeous hand-painted flutes. For my signature drink the Makers Mule I also add copper cups - the only way to serve a proper mule.

Add touches of decor

Add vases and votives. This was a Tiffany crystal bowl from my dear friend that I received as a wedding gift. I finally have the perfect place for it. I added lemons but you can add limes or any other garnish that you might use in a drink recipe. You can also use cocktail recipe books or other visually interesting items like vintage magazines.


Finish up your cart with a piece of art. This can be a framed print or a piece of art that will infuse your bar cart with even more of your personality and add some height to your display. Choose a piece that you love and makes you smile! I framed a picture of my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Grandfather which not only brings me joy but is a great conversation piece.

I am so pleased with how this came out and am excited to welcome my girls over for drinks! In a socially distanced, responsible way of course! Now it’s your turn to get your bar cart style on. What do you think?

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