The pant you and your closet have been waiting for

You will live in these pants from work to mommy life

Top Shop Blue Twill Peg Blue Suit Pant

I have a few suits that I have held on to from the late nighties. I know this is the opposite of what a preach. And I truly believe that your closet should be full of things that are functional. You really should clear out the clutter so you can see what you’re working with.

But these two suits - one is skirt suit and one is pant suit - give me all the feels. It was a time of tremendous growth in my career. I was a single career woman doing her thing and I felt like those suits said, “I’m going places.” Just looking at them makes the memories flood back about where I wanted to take my career and all the plans I had.

The new pant is roomy comfortable, and multi-functional.

Every since the, I have never met a pant I didn’t like. They are a wardrobe staple for me. While I still like a good dress these carry me seamlessly from my desk to what’s next life as a mom. You know the feeling. You rush from a meeting in a dress, only to sit on bench or climb the stairs to sit in bleachers at your kids game. Not only are you rushed, now you feel incredibly uncomfortable and so over dressed.

The Top Shop Blue Twill Peg Blue Suit pant look is my rescue go to and these are my new favorite. I love everything about them. The fabric is an easy a soft polyester. Not too much and not fancy for your everyday. I spent a day in meetings on my couch and headed out with the kids in the afternoon without wrinkle. Score!

I would take the leap with a blue or another unexpected bright or light color to brighten up the fall days. There are so many style options but here are some easy ones that you can try with tops that are already in your closet.

This fall the take on monochromatic looks is to pair colors of the same colors in different shades as shown here. I added a button down jean shirt as a way to mix up my blues.

Vintage men's shirt .

Add a button down shirt or borrow from the boys like I did. Tie loosely at the bottom or tuck in the front and add a statement belt or take simple chic to the next level by adding a white or black tee as pictured in the first photo above. This outfit is the perfect excuse to wear sneakers and still look perfectly polished. Wh

Whtever you do find a way to find some comfy looks that are multi-functional for these crazy COVID days. Are you a pants or skirt girl?

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