The magic of a monochromatic look

3 Tips to monochromatic looks that ruled at the the 2021 Inauguration

The 2021 Inauguration was beautiful and style was on full display as everyone from Vice President Harris to Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Mrs. Biden and the beautiful Biden Girls stepped out in monochromatic looks.

Believe it or not, this look is one of the easiest to pull off. I’m sure you’ve stepped out with your hair pulled back, pulled on a pair of black pants and black pair of pants and boots and voila - monochromatic magic.

Wearing all one color instantly elevates your look and makes almost anything look more expensive. While wearing all black or neutrals like cream, beige or white might be no brainers, monochromatic outfits in other tones take a little more planning.

Before we begin, monochromatic looks don’t necessarily mean you have to wear the same color head to toe. You can pull off this look by wearing very shades or tints of the same color to get a monochromatic look. So various shades of blue or tints of pink, purple read or any color you choose from head to toe also creates this effect. Just make sure to select colors that work with your eye, hair and skin color.

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky.

Here are some easy tips to help you pull off this statement making trend.

  1. Mix textures. Here I’ve added a velvet faux suede skirt with a knit sweater. Even though they are the same color the fabrics add dimension and light to the look. Silks with wools or leather and denim would be great texture combinations.

  2. Get the proportions right. This is great for every look but a monochromatic, when done right, elongates the body. So make sure to focus on balance like a full pant and fitted top. Or oversized tops and skinny pants.

  3. Use tones in the right places to flatter your figure. For example, if you are wearing shades of blue select the darker shade of blue to hide wider hips and a lighter shade on top. Cinching the waist in a similar shade also works wonders.

In this look I added shades of champaign. To add visual depth I used suede fur and a knit fabric with a little sheen.

Your turn! I’d love to see how you put a monochromatic look together! Be the first to share your look with me at for a special gift from me to you. And click the following link for more monochromatic fashion inspiration!

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