The Adidas sneaker staple that is a part of my wear everywhere wardrobe

Check out the Adidas sneaker that upped my sneaker game

When I had little ones, I can remember chasing after them grocery stores, in malls {wow remember malls} and when my son was playing baseball, I would be chasing daughter around the field. And as a new mommy with little ones, I was still chasing them in high high heels.

I changed my ways when I saw Victoria Beckham gliding across a soccer field in stilettos. While Ms. Beckham looked fabulous, it made me realize that I needed to find an alternative to high heels but that would be a challenge.

Having played sports throughout my life. I had a pair of high tops for basketball, track cleats, volleyball cleats. I had running shoes for running and tennis shoes for tennis. You see sneakers for me meant that I was participating in a sport or on a court.I didn’t like them with my jeans, I didn’t like them with my skirts, I really didn’t really like wearing sneakers anywhere.

SJP turned me into a sneaker believer.

Until I saw them on my fav SJP - Sarah Jessica Parker to you. SJP was taking a fashion walk down the streets of NY- she was actually taking her kids to school - and that’s what turned me into a sneaker believer a few years back.

At first I left my sneakers for weekend wear only and only wore them to sporting events as a sideline mom or for a weekend of running on occasions. But since I upped my sneaker game a few years ago, I pair them with everything from cut dresses to blazers with jeans and trousers.

This pair by Adidas Nizza is my new favorite. I’ve been wearing them with all of my summer dresses - it’s still very hot here in Florida - and looking forward to fall when I can wear them with trousers and track suits as my kids’s sports schedule begin to start again.

Are you a true sneaker head or are you newbie to the sneaker game like me? Let me know how you pair your sneakers in the comments!

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