The 3 lipstick colors I recommend for fall

The drugstore brand with rich colors and great staying power.

If you follow me here or are familiar with my Instagram page (go ahead and follow me here - I follow back), you know I love a good red lip and it’s the color that I am usually wearing. I normally don’t switch my lipsticks even during the fall. But like the rest of the world, I’ve been doing different things during the pandemic and one of them has been playing with beauty and skincare.

So this year, I decided to switch to some richer lipstick colors for fall. I have a variety of lipstick brands but was excited to check out a Maybelline formulation that I had seen recommended by a number of beauty bloggers. I was hoping that the brand lived up to the hype of giving my lips lots of color without the drying effect.

I chose three shades in the same finishes/product types, the Color Sensational, the Creams. This rich creamy lipstick formula includes Shea Butter so lips feel smooth, soft and moisturized. Even the deeper colors left my lips feeling supple and there was no feathering or bleeding!

Each color I picked has a little bit of red, a touch of brown and hint of shimmer– the trifecta for fall/winter colors. I tend to go with formulas that have just a little bit of gloss because matte formulas tend to be a little to drying for me.

The Color Sensational formulation is a winner.

I thought I would start out with the natural shade so I went with Double Shot. It’s a pretty shade of brown with a nice sheen to it. First let me just say that this lipstick is moisturizing and super comfortable. It really glides across the lips. Now, I sometimes shy away from brown on my lips because I find that it washes me out. But this one was perfection. The glimmer was a nice matte without being to flat against my skin. Definitely going to be my go to shade for everyday.

Next up is Plum For Me. This shade was exactly what I was looking for when I was thinking about a fab fall lip. It’s a really pretty deep shade of red mixed with a little bit of brown. I can see this being my go to for date night and a nice pop of color for videos and Zoom calls.

Finally I selected another plum shades called Plum Rule. This was a brighter shade of red and on my lips it turned to a little pink. But I loved the bright color – very much in my lip wheelhouse – and reminded me of fall cranberries.

This formula worked great for me and was long lasting without drying out my lips. Staying home doesn’t have to mean giving up on beauty. It’s the perfect time to play with new colors and these Color Sensational Shades were the pick me up and won’t break the bank.

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