Shoot your shot

Why right now is the perfect time to pitch your big idea.

Looks like we are going back into some level of quarantine time. I know, I know that is not what you or I wanted to hear but with the rates of COVID-19 infection rates continuing to climb it looks like that is where we are headed. While that poses many challenges and is obviously not the ideal, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to shoot your shot.

We’ve known for many years that our economy was philosophically changing. Federal Chairman Jerome Powell shared how the pandemic has accelerated that change toward an even more technology based economy. You can read it here. While change can be scary, this can lead to some amazing opportunities for you to implement that creative idea you have - right now, during a pandemic from the comfort of your home. Whether you are selling widgets or cookies now is the time to reengineer your business or make that business idea tech driven.

There's never been a better time than now.

Here’s why.

First, many executives or high profile people are spending lots of time online. They are more likely to see your email or notice that DM since being online for work has taken over. Do your research and reach out to those dream collaborators that may have felt out of reach. Take a quick look at all of your social media profiles so that if your email works and gets their attention your social media profile will reflect the super star you are.

In addition, because the pandemic has had an impact on every business model, companies and investors are looking for new ideas to reach consumers where - in their homes. Your podcast, at home talk show or DIY design project for the amateur interior designer might be just the thing that they are looking for.

Secondly, consumers, unable to try the newest restaurant or overseas trip, are desperate to try something new. Look at the amateur chefs, gardeners and outdoorsmen that have popped up since the spring! Consumers are bored at home and are more open to try new products and services that they can access and order online including courses.

And finally, you’ve got the time today. Whether you have been waiting to get that specific certification before asking your boss for a raise or didn’t have the time to perfect your cookie recipe now's the time. Use the time you’ll be on that commute or sitting on the sidelines at your child’s activities to invest in you. Today’s your day!

Whether your idea is a business venture or hobby or non-profit that needs funds, reach out for the resources you need and mentors to help you reach your goals. Don’t wait for a better economy. Now’s the time to shoot your shot.

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