Protein shakes made just for me

Do you have a personal wellness plan?

I am such a huge proponent of taking charge of your wellness. That means everything. What I mean by that is trying to get and understand as best you can as to what is normal for you. For example, my temperature is always a little low. As a matter of fact 97.1 is normal for me. So while a reading of 99.5 is nothing for most people it’s probably a sign that of illness for me.

About two years ago, I spent about six months trying different eating and workout plans. I tried intermittent fasting. I tried tracking my carbs and proteins and also trying I different shakes and meal replacement supplements.

In hindsight going on all of these different eating programs probably sent my metabolism totally out of whack but what I learned a lot about my body and how it responds to food, workout programs and supplements...priceless.

I was able to identify my three big struggles. I needed something easy. I didn’t have the energy to think about meal planning at the end of a busy day. Secondly, I needed something that would work for my food intake goals and for my family. I didn’t want to have to cook one meal for my family and another meal for me. And thirdly, I had to find a healthy meal replacement shake for my hectic mornings.

I started out trying the protein powder that my son was using. It had the amount of protein that I was looking for and definitely filled me up. What I did not realize is that it was packed with carbs. Something I learned that I really needed to keep to a minimum to reach my health goals.

I discovered that most shakes are packed with carbs you may not want or need. Who knew?! In addition, they really were designed for the way women burn fat or process energy. In fact, most of them were not designed with women’s bodies in mind at all.

I went on the hunt and found a shake formula that really works for me. It’s designed specifically for women - Whoohoo! - and my needs as a woman into consideration.

Most protein shakes are not made for a woman's body.

Idealfit was created in 2015 and has a line of women’s supplements and designed to help you reach your fitness. It’s low carb shakes focused on increasing your protein in take is what caught my intention and I use the vanilla every morning and the IdealFit Whey Protein in mojito is a special treat!

Idealfit is now a permanent part of my meal planning. Is there a healthy eating hack that you can’t live without out? Do share! And let me know if you try out my favorite shake recipe below.

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