Out with the old and in with the necessary

Find your necessary and nice to haves

When I work with clients one of the things I like most is jumping right into their closets. I have to stop myself from rushing through the questionnaire because I know that the closet never lies. It often tells me what you value most and how you spend most of your time.

Being at home has made me think about all the things that I value and all of the things that I SAY I value too. But the pandemic has forever changed the way I see the world and I am sure it has changed it for you too. There are things that I have already let go of and things that I am leaning into more and more.

I’ve learned that lots of the ways that I have been doing things really don’t work anymore...and in some ways I guess that never did. For example, I am reluctant to write things into a calendar. I’m not talking about work events or appointments but it was always a stressor for me to write out the kids activities in a family calendar.

When the world came to a screeching halt, I realized that the kids calendar was total overwhelming. It wasn’t the calendar at all is was the thought of racing from event to event everyday. I also realized that writing it in the calendar helped because I could schedule in travel time and ask for help when I needed it.

This time has helped me discovery my necessary and nice to haves.

Did you clean like crazy? I did and I don’t like to clean. But I cleaning for me was a way to get clear. Clear on what I now want my new normal to look like and clear on how I spend my time, even when life begins to spin like crazy and it eventually it will. My necessary and nice to have list is crystal clear.

I’ve created some yummy new looks for all. And fallen in love with some staples from past seasons as well. I’m packing these boots away but am going to keep rocking this bag. Cardigans are back with a vengeance and this one from Tory Burch (also giving you the season's preppy vibe) is always on heavy rotation when I transition my wardrobe for our Florida Winter. Here are some cardigan options I love. Click the pics to shop the looks.

H&M Red Cardigan $34.99

Tory Burch Cardigan at Farfetch $398.

What are you looking forward to keeping this fall and post pandemic? I hope you’ve take this time to get clear and clear out what wasn’t working.

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