My successful #DIY project with the help of Lowe's

See the deets below on my furniture makeover

I am not the top of girl who typically takes on #DIY projects, on the contrary, I am more of an outsource it girl. I was always worried that I would spend all that time and not end up with the end result that I was looking for.

But after months of looking, I just couldn’t find the cabinet that I was looking for. All of them were either too expensive or just didn’t fit the look I wanted to create.

Then I happened upon this vintage piece. It was in near perfect condition and the size was just right. I asked a few questions and found out that it wouldn’t take much to turn it into exactly what I had been searching for.

To make sure that I would get this right, I set off for Lowe's. There are seriously a million paint options. Between indoor and outdoor, with primer or without primer, glossy versus flat, my head was spinning. Thankfully, I heard the words I needed to hear, “Ma’am, can you help you with something?” I resisted saying, “Can you come paint something at my house? I’ll pay you, ” and listened instead.

In addition to the great support, Lowe's had an online visualizer tool that helps you to explore different paint color palettes. Check it out here.

I now understand the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

I did a little bit of research on how to have a successful do it yourself experience.

  1. Make sure that you have all the tools that you need. Check.

  2. Make sure that you have plenty of workspace for your project. Check

  3. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete the project. Check

  4. Do your research so you know what to expect. Check.

  5. Know when to ask for help. Check and CHECK.

She ready!

Here are my results. I did some sanding and painting and repaired the lack closure as well. Ok - hubby did help with that piece. I know that this wasn’t a full DIY project but I am proud of my paint job and little piece of work and I guess that’s the point.

Do you DIY?


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