My Relationship with Health and Fitness - it’s complicated

Working out is hard. But wellness went to complicated, I used three tips to get my health & fitness back on track.

I am a die-hard work out person - or I was. I was a gym rat, runner, relied on workout videos and even tried a little pilates., After about a year and a half, I would get bored with one workout program and try another. I have lots of other challenges - I won’t get into those in this post - but consistently committing to working out hasn’t been one of them.

But in the last few years my relationship with fitness got complicated. First of all, I felt like I was working out harder and longer and not getting any results. Secondly, the after work soreness was real. I know how my body should feel after years of working out and this was much worse. What was that about? And finally, my body now needed a combination of workout movement to see any change on the scale and in my body’s shape and definition.

So for a few months, I gave up. Getting in the right amount of cardio, stretching, was all too much. I was a busy mom who was already trying to schedule in mommy Uber drive time to get my kids to their various extracurricular activities. Don’t get me wrong, I would take the occasional leisurely walk. And every once in a while my mom would convince me to jump into a random 3K with her. I couldn’t figure out how to get my body what it needed so I abandoned my disciplined workouts.

But how? It felt like there were just not enough hours in the day.

The results of my workout strike on my body and mind were fast and swift.

After only a few weeks, I put on several pounds. I had no outlet for my stress so I became more and more irritable. I also noticed that overall I was feeling lethargic and tired. I had to get back in the game.

But how? It felt like there were just not enough hours in the day.

So I decided to start off slow by just committing to a brisk walk everyday and working with my own body weight. Here are the basic goals I set up for myself:

  1. Get moving. I promised myself that I would move everyday. Whether that was a walk, run, jump or jump rope. I set a goal to get in 10,000 steps each day. I usee my iWatch but there are tons of apps that will work too.

  2. Do my research. No one workout plan fits all. I did my research to find out what workouts would be best for me. Click this video to help you.

  3. Diet, diet, diet. I realized that my diet mattered even more than more workouts at this stage so I downloaded My Fitness Pal to help me easily track what I was putting in my mouth on the go. And it’s free!

  4. Focus on the basics. I add some weights now but I make sure to focus on planks, push ups and squats and remind myself to KISS - keep it simple stupid.

Figuring out what works for your body especially when it has changed like mine has to due to age, birth of a new child, or even hormone fluctuations can be daunting but don’t give up on YOU. Keeping going until you have a plan that works for you mentally and physically.

Remember start small but whatever you do...start.


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