My on again off again love affair with lingerie is back on!

Skims might be my new boo

I have had an on again off again relationship with lingerie for the last 20 years. Let’s just say I’ve had some entanglements with a few brands {sorry, I couldn’t help myself}. My first love with lingerie was with Victoria Secret. I love that the brand was just so feminine and pretty and their retail stores just looked so welcoming and bright it was hard for me to walk by.

And while I love to try new things there are some things that I don’t like to switch. I like to find the perfect bra and perfect underwear but my go to bra felt confining and my underwear was giving me the support I now wanted.

In addition, I must admit that I normally ignore anything linked to the KK brand just because I thought it really wasn’t for me but something about Skims caught my attention so I took a peek at their website and y'all they got me.

I loved that the site emphasized that the products provided both support and comfort. The cuts are designed to smooth out my dimples, enhance my curves and lift and tone where I need that too. Yaasssss!

In years past I had really appreciated the vibrant colors but now I was really drawn to nudes and neutrals that are just more chic and practical. Another great thing about Skims is that the whole collection was created in neutral tones and if you are looking for a nude that works for black girls like me, the browns are rich and beautiful.

The cuts are designed to smooth out the dimples, enhance my curves and lift and tone where I need that too! Yaaassss!

rted my new Skims collection with the Sculpted Mid-Waist Brief in a rich brown called Cocoa as well as the basic black. I nabbed the matching Sculpting Bra in Cocoa and black as well. It’s Amazon forest hot and humid right now in South Florida, but I can't wait to try the Smoothing Thong bodysuit I got as well.

I will let you knowhow this love affair ends up but right now Skims is my new boo.

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