My journey to becoming an at home workout queen

I am not blaming you or shaming you but for right now I've have decided to continue to stay close to home. Here's are my workout tools.

I was lucky that for the first few weeks of the pandemic the small, boutique gym I went to was allowed to stay open. I loved attending that 5am class and was excited that I could keep my fitness going. I was a reluctant ‘cross-fitter’ but after 6 months, I was fully hooked. But after only a few days, the gym was forced to close its doors as our county went into temporary lockdown.

I made so much progress and even though there have been a few bumps in the road during quarantine time, I wasn’t going to go back to being sluggish and lethargic. I was committed to working out. When the restrictions eased up a bit, the gym reopened but I decided to use what I’ve learned there and create my own home gym. Work has actually gotten busier for me so I figured doing at home workouts would be a great solution.

The dedicated room was easy - our garage. But my biggest challenge about working out at home was figuring out what exercises to do each day. That became even more complicated as a woman over 50. So I decided to find some workouts that I could follow on with - for free - and mix it up.

On some days, I’ve done the workouts that I’ve created all by myself inspired by my gym workouts. They include cardio, weightlifting and mixed in with plyometrics. And on other days, I use my trusty YouTube ‘personal trainer.’ My primary workout goals were to get stronger, increase my energy, increase my stamina and increase muscle mass. Here is the workout equipment I use to create my home gym and the training videos I use regularly:

  1. Free weights. I bought free weights from 5 to 20 lbs. so that I can use them for both upper body and lower body exercises and in anticipation that I would be getting stronger which was one of my health goals.

  2. Yoga mat.

  3. Jump rope.

  4. Plyometric box. Here is a great jump box that is only 12’ inches.

  5. Exercise ball. This is my favorite tool because there are multiple exercises you can do as part of a full body workout.

And these are are many online fitness trainers. Here are my two trainers that I keep on rotation.

  1. Idealfit. This is a great starter workout because it builds your stamina over 15 days and the workouts give you step by step instructions.

  2. Fitness Blender. I really like that their workouts are designed by body part so there is no thinking on my part.


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