My floral dress search ended at Marshalls

Yes you can wear flowers in the winter: Here's how.

Loved mixing this floral with a plaid blazer.

A floral dress is always a staple for my wardrobe but I always favor a dark floral for the fall. Instead of evoking a feeling of spring flowers in bloom, winter florals make me think of walking through the beautiful colors of fallen leaves. It always brightens my mood on rainy fall days. I also feel like by the time fall arrives I am ready to ditch my summer and spring brights for the deeper autumn tones.

A floral dress may not seem like the obvious choice for winter but it is the perfect piece to layer under a blazer, or with a turtleneck. And tights and boots to make a floral dress both beautiful and cold weather functional. The cardigan is also a huge trend this year and it's the perfect piece to add over a dress with a pair of chelsea style or combat boots.

It looks like we might be headed back into quarantine so as I’ve shared before, I am not doing a lot of shopping. But I can’t do another pair of yoga pants if you know what I mean. The floral dress is another great option that will easily take you through your work from home day. The chiffon of this dress is comfortable, wrinkle resistant, super loose fitting and long enough for me to lounge in with a blanket and chai tea.

These dresses are also the right amount of appropriateness and professionalism for even the fanciest of Zoom calls and not too much for any errand runs you might have to run. You can also curl up on the couch in comfort as you settle in for binge tv watching or to Netflix and chill.

The perfect dress to Zoom or Netflix and chill.

I searched for just the right color combination and loved this dress that I found at Marshalls. I love that Marshalls always surprises me and I come away with such amazing finds at incredible prices especially during the holidays. This dress was just the right shade of brown and black floral that will make it easy for me to wear with other prints. The length is also perfect to wear with lots of my boots and different heel heights.

For me this dress is my take on the suburban prairie trend, easy to wear in and outdoors for miles of comfort and style. The one I am wearing is gone {sad face} but click here for an adorable, affordable option.

What do you think about wearing winter florals?

This fall the take on monochromatic looks is to pair colors of the same colors in different shades as shown here. I added a button down jean shirt as a way to mix up my blues.

Add a combat style boot with pearls for polish.

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