My first brush with Black girl magic and black beauty brands I love now

It started for me in the church pews and hit a crescendo when I discovered the Fashion Fair girl.

My love This year I revived my love Mine was a very first My very time was my brush with black care magic

My mother was never a big make-up wearer. She always wore a little blush and a bit of lipstick but that was the extent of her make-up drawer. I, on the other hand, truly loved everything about it. The pretty, feminine packaging and the way it could transform the face. I couldn’t get enough.

Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t having it. I was strictly forbidden from wearing make-up of any kind until high school no matter how much I pleaded. But that didn’t stop me from trying.

Unlike my mother my Aunt Karla had a pretty extensive make-up collection and so did some of the women in my church. They would come to church with a full beat and I counted down the days when I could too.

One day I was going through her lipsticks and ran across the prettiest lipstick that I have ever seen. The brand- Fashion Fair. From that day on, I scanned every magazine for the ads and reveled in what to me were the most beautiful, elegant, sophisticated women I had ever seen.

I ran across the prettiest lipstick I had ever seen.

A few months ago, I made the commitment to try my best to support only Black owned beauty brands. That transition was fairly easy. What was a little daunting was getting on board with the whole, contouring and highlighting train. Did any of other of my 40 and up contemporaries feel that?

Well I finally took the plunge and opted for a full switch to Fenty Beauty for my foundation and contour products because they were designed for women of color and had about a zillion shades for me to choose from. In addition, the woman who introduced me to the contour world, compared the application process as a sort of paint by numbers concept. Got it!

Next, I ordered the Mented Cosmetics eyeshadow palette and their natural lipstick trio. It’s beautiful. The colors are so rich and have become my go to for my everyday look. I’ve just ordered a brighter eyeshadow palette from Pat McGrath - look how pretty! And I also have some lipsticks from Lipbar on the way.

It’s been fun falling in love with new brands and celebrating the fact that Black girl magic never only multiplies.


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