Motivation Monday: Tips to starting over

You’re not starting over from’re starting from knowledge and experience.

Starting over in a new job, new role, or new business can be daunting. Remember to lean on your wealth of experience.

As a personal stylist, a ton of my work came from working with women in business. Some were seasoned professionals and many others entrepreneurs. But all where in the middle of some kind of major transformation brought on by a disruption at work, or in the personal lives like a divorce, a new baby, a desire to live their passions or other change. Sometimes those changes were thrust upon them - you never know how you’re going to feel after a baby- and sometimes they had made the brave decision to change because they wanted something more.

When meeting with a new client, I always start off like this. “The first thing we are going to do is talk about where you want to go from here and then look through your closet to see what clothes you already have to take you there.”

You see, I believe that most women {99% of my clients are women} have some great foundational pieces. Almost everyone has a black blazer. We all have that favorite pair of jeans and classic black pump. I rarely find women without at least one little black dress and the perfect pencil skirt.

You have the foundational pieces. My job is to help to you build from there, not from scratch.

You and me are experiencing an unprecedeted amount of change. Some of us have lost jobs or maybe someone in your household has lost their income. For others, COVID-19 may not just be a disease to you because it has taken someone that you love. Your industry may be tanking or maybe because of all of this tremendous change and uncertainty you are concerned about the emotional impact on your kids.

You have the foundational pieces. My job is to help to you build from there, not from scratch.

But I want you to remember that this is not your first rodeo. So don’t feel stuck.

  1. You have a wealth of experience to help you land your next amazing gig.

  2. You have skills that you can package to create your own products and services.

  3. You have great ideas and creativity to launch your own business.

  4. You have colleagues, and clients to serve as references of the incredible work that you’ve done.

  5. And, this is not the first time that you have stumbled and fallen so you know exactly how to get back up.

  6. Your challenges have helped you develop emotional intelligence.

Today’s Motivation Monday is a reminder that you’ve got what it takes to whether this COVID storm. Get in a quiet place, reflect on how far you’ve come and then visualize where with your amazing talent, creativity, experience and network are going to take you next.


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