Monday motivation: 5 Weeks left in 2020. Whew!

What will you accomplish with the remainder of your year?

Are you coming down off of your turkey high? I have leftovers for a few days after Thanksgiving and then I give it a rest. I feel like my palette needs something new otherwise known as I cannot eat any more turkey anything. I also use it as my way of switching gears to finishing strong as the year ends.

And while this holiday week turned out to be super fun - it was the first time in years that we did not have to make travel plans - but also more anxiety ridden than most. I mean whether you decided to go solo for Thanksgiving or go forward with a big family feast, it was stressful and every one I know was weighing the pros and cons of connecting with family during COVID-19 or postponing family celebrations until God knows when.

So now that it is Monday, we can all breath a sigh of relief that we made it through. And that got me thinking that there are only five weeks left in 2020!!!!!

It's almost over!

But also...OMG there are only five weeks left in 2020 for me to move on my goals. Yikes! In previous years, this month has always been hard for me to remain focused because of all of the holiday distractions. Do you feel that way too? Five years ago, I came up with a work hard play hard strategy to keep me focused and productive over the next four weeks. Here are the three tips I use to remain productive and have some fun as the end of year approaches:

  1. Focus on the big three. With all of the distractions, Zoom events and holiday shopping to be done, make a decision to not over commit. Write a list of the three big things that you will do over the next 30 days to set you up for a successful in 2021 and make a get those done no matter what pact with yourself.

  2. Don’t take work home. Yikes! I know this is hard one and I get, especially if you are someone like me who works from home. However, even with paired down holiday events due to COVID-19 there will an extra pull on your time for things like trimming the trim or cookie decorating. Go hard while you are in your office and leave work at work so that you can be truly present.

  3. Schedule some time off. I know this sound counter-intuitive but scheduling time off to complete holiday to do lists or even volunteer your time. Spending this time off will help you to feel refreshed and give you the motivation you need to finish the year strong and savor moments with your family.

I encourage you to make the most of the days of 2020 we have left! And if you love hats as much as I do, click the link below for a few similar options like the one pictured above - while your head is down working, you can still look good doing what you do!

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