It's Now Sweater Weather

And nothing is better than a sweater dress for fall ya'll.

I hate to say this when so much of the country is beginning to freeze but this is the time when the South Florida weather really shows out. The skies are cloudless an its absolutely beautiful outside. Although it’s been rainy for weeks, this is the typically the time when the humidity goes away and there is nothing but clear sunny days.

Since we don’t experience a big change in weather down here, the end of October is always the time of year that I officially use to mark the change of seasons. I start to incorporate some transitional pieces, boots and pull out a few ‘fall in Florida” looks.

Sweater dresses for the win.

My sweater dresses are always a staple and this year they are especially important since it looks like we’ll be back in doors for a while as the COVID cases spike again. This is such an easy piece to wear with and for everything. Throw on plaid blazer {the season’s hottest trend} - wear to run errands, for date night, or wear a sweater dress while you lounge at home or jump on your next Zoom.

Are you a sweater dress girl like me? For me it’s easy and classic just what I need right now. Here are some cute ways, I style my sweater dress and some options I found that you can buy right now - just in time for Thanksgiving.

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