I kicked my midnight crepe habit for healthy snacks

Five healthy snacks that will pass your taste test

We started off so strong by keeping a fairly regular schedule. We even tried to get the kids to go to bed on time and continue to eat dinner at a reasonable time. But then Netflix and chill became the permanent vibe at my house when summer hit.

You know what has gotten no time to chill? My kitchen. Someone is always making something and my kids have brought new meaning to the term late night snack. I must admit that both of them had become pretty good cooks however I knew there was a problem when making crepes at 2 am became the norm.

I had to create some snack rules for myself or the COVID-19 was going to end up right on my hips. My new rules were to:

  1. Don’t skip meals. I was waking up early in order to get my day started before getting the kids up and going in their new homeschool work spaces. But other than my shake, I would let the day blow right past breakfast and lunch before eating. Now I have anew

  2. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. I wasn’t eating until around 4pm each day and didn’t even realize it. Now I have alarms to eat a real meal and snacks in between to avoid getting overly hungry.

  3. Don’t snack without a plan. I had to prepare portions of snacks in advance so I won’t go on a binge snack attack in the afternoon. I’ve also learned to step away from the computer to enjoy what I am eating (even during my work day), eat more slowly and take a break.

COVID-19 forced me to create new eating habits.

I also noticed that I was resorting to snacking on whatever I could find in the fridge so I made myself a list of healthy, yummy no cooking needed snacks that were high in protein and low in carbs.

  1. Edamame. Filling and super easy to make. Just heat, add a pinch of salt and eat.

  2. Bruschetta. This is one of my favorites. I have switched out the bead for wheat thins for a lower carb option.

  3. Quaker rice cakes and peanut butter. When I want something sweet, I grab the apple cinnamon rice cakes and add a little peanut butter. Delish! If you want to reduce the sugar you can go with natural peanut butter too. Click the link to see more yummy rice cake recipes.

  4. Almonds (but I really love the Blue Diamond brand). These are not your grandmother’s almonds. The bold flavors are amazing and I can’t get enough of the salt and vinegar and sriracha.

  5. Kale chips. These require a bit more planning (45 minute for prep and cook time) but are worth the wait. If you like them crispy like me, click this link for the recipe.

The quarantine time is a marathon not a sprint and exercise and eating right have helped me to keep my energy and mood up. And I’ve learned that healthy eating can be just as fun and tasty as junk food.

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