Paris: the trip of a lifetime with friends for a lifetime

The times have changed but the friendships and love between friends has remained the same.

Once you’ve set foot in Paris, you are forever changed. At least that’s been my experience since visiting Paris for the first time on my 30th birthday. Every since that visit, Paris continues to beckon me back to her time and time again and this time it was for a girls trip.

It’s hard to explain what is so special about the City of Lights. Some people can’t get over the food. While others love the rich history and even more rich personalities that you’ll meet walking or people watching along the Champs-Élysées.

I was thrilled when my girlfriend selected Paris for her destination birthday soiree as our annual girls trip. Since we can't get together for our bi-annual girls trip this year, I have been taking a trip down memory lane and enjoying a mental stroll wandering those streets and remembering our evening boat ride down the Seine River.

I've been enjoying my mental strolls down the streets of Paris. What memories!

What I remember most about that trip is the endless laughs at dinner, in the countless cafes and on the subway. Through these times of social distancing those memories have brought me so much joy especially when I miss seeing the faces and hugging the necks of these lifelong friends.

We've jumped on Zoom for drinks to keep the laughs going, to comfort one another, pray for one another and remind each other that this too shall pass. So very thankful for the trip of a lifetime with the friends for a lifetime.

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