Creating a Happy State of Mind

Happy is a state of mind.

This time of being a part has given me much more time to just ‘be’. And for me that has meant thinking about creating a happy state of mind and more importantly being a real example for my two teens of how to maintain your inner peace in the midst of all of chaos. Adjusting to this new normal took time. I have two highly active, social teens and I knew keeping them home and happy would be a challenge. So at first, we did what we had always done – stayed busy. At the end of our children’s virtual school days, we booked them up with online classes, a regularly scheduled dinnertime and evening workouts. We even got in the habit of making an elaborate late night snack that included my hubby’s bake and homemade crepes. After about three weeks, the reality of being in quarantine really set in for our family. It was as if we all had a collective, internal alarm that went off at the time. This busyness that we had become so accustomed to pre-COVID wasn’t sustainable. We had to focus on a new way of being. Here are a few other tips I used to teach our kids to thrive during times of difficulty and change and how I claimed my own free time. 1. My kids were really ready to get back to their lives. I decided to refocus their energy on teaching them how to create their future through visualization and mindfulness. I discovered the Big Life Journal and ordered the teen version. It’s been fun watching their different approaches and learning more about the lives they are learning to design.

2. I joined Girl Trek, the national health movement that activates thousands of Black women to be change makers in their communities through walking. I love it! You can download cool messages of inspiration while you walk so it’s a one two punch of self-care and self-improvement.

3. Try something new once a month. We told the kids to pick a new activity. They weren’t required to do it forever but they did have to give something new a try and as a result my son has become a fishing enthusiast. Here’s a beginners guide. I love that this can be a lifelong hobby and one he can share with this Dad and grandpa. I believe you can find ways to thrive through it – know matter what ‘it’ is. I am hoping my kids are learning to believe and embrace that philosophy too.


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