Celebrating female and black owned creators for Labor Day

Here are some of the creators keeping American going

I lived for three day weekends and any holiday celebration growing up. Because those weekends were special. They meant a drive to my Grandmother’s house where we would spend the weekend with our aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of the family. It also meant lots of good food and belly laughs culminating with a cookout.

The Labor Day also meant the end to summer as we knew it. School would be back in session and in the midwest we would already be seeing the leaves begin to change and a slight crispness to the air as the seasons began to change from summer to fall.

I was probably in college when I first understood why we had a day celebrated to labor. Labor Day is actually a celebration of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s really to celebrate all the contributions the American workforce has made to the prosperity of the United States.

This year, I decided to celebrate Labor Day by spotlighting some amazing creators. They are creating beauty in the world and leaving a legacy. Check them out.

Creators contributing to the prosperity of America

I am so upgrading my coffee cup game to these beautiful Afro Glam designs by Alicia Boteng. There are so many cute designs to choose from but the one below is my favorite. There are also wine and coffee tumblers to choose from. Don’t you love when gorgeous form meets function?

I have committed to wearing a mask not only for my safety but the safety of others. In addition to the disposal masks I wear everyday, I wanted to use my masks like my other wardrobe accessories. I have been blessed to wear some of her dresses so it was no surprise when she launched this collection of cute masks like the one I am wearing above.

You all know there is nothing I enjoy more than a good cup of tea - love, love love a chai sprinkled with cinnamon. But I also want to take advantage of the health benefits of my tea time with the newly launched Herlistic Detox Tea. Read about all the health benefits here but for me I like the thirteen natural herbs in every little bag.

For everyone launching new businesses, creating content or products and providing services that make the world better and keep America going - Happy Labor Day!

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