Are you in the eye of the storm?

How to find peace in the storm.

Hurricane Isaias is heading toward South Florida as a category one storm. Every time there is a hurricane headed our way, we get sweet texts messages and phone calls from our friends and family concerned about our safety. And sometimes asking why we are so calm and why we don’t just evacuate.

I’m no meteorologist but I’ve been through a hurricane or 10. :-) and understand the basics.

Just before a hurricane arrives the weather is usually gorgeous with a few rain-free, cloud-less days and nothing but blue skies. As the storm approaches the hurricane winds can be brutal as they reach land. Then right there in the middle of the storm is this peace and quiet before the rest of the storm passes {and beautiful skies as captured by friend below}.

On tv you’ll often see Floridians partying and having a glass of wine or two {or three} and having a good time before the storm hits. From outside of the state looking in, I know we look crazy.

But here’s the thing, once we have prepared we can rest in the fact that we can weather any storm. We’ve got plenty of food, water and emergency supplies and we will make it through.

How about you? What’s your storm? Are you making a huge change? Are you launching a business? Maybe you are going through a huge financial upheaval or been forced to make a job change because of the pandemic.

From the outside you might look crazy.

I’m encouraging you that once you’ve done all that you can do - just rest. Rest in God’s plan for you. Celebrate that you’ve done all you can do here on earth and wait for the supernatural that’s on your way.

Planning can mean telling everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Planning can mean taking a look at your budget and make all the cuts you can with your new temporary decrease in budget. Planning can mean investing in the training you need to make a career transition or getting your will and trust set up for your family because of the pandemic.

Now God didn’t promise you that there won’t be more storms. As a matter of fact the eye of a hurricane is the calm before the stronger side of the storm hits land. But if you have done all that you can do now is the time to look a little crazy and rest in His peace.

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