Anyone else need new comfy, cute, quarantine clothes?

Yeah, I want to look cute on my Zooms and but more importantly cannot wear one more pair of yoga pants.

When we were all sent home to quarantine I was so excited! No more driving to meetings. FYI - I hate to drive. No more racing my kids around to all their after-school activities. And no more getting dressed. Mama needed a break from the rat race!

Admittedly, this celebratory attitude occurred when I thought we’d only been in quarantine for 6-8 weeks. But now that there is no end in sight, I miss seeing my clients in person. I am missing seeing all my family and friends. I am missing having coffee and just people watching. I am missing vacations. I am missing life pre-COVID-19.

I am also missing CLOTHES! As a personal stylist, I didn’t realize just how much I love getting dressed up and dressing other people. I also didn’t realize how much I despised yoga pants. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for functional and modern yoga pants for running errands and working out.

But wearing them everyday was wearing on me. And the clothing item that I once looked as my go to for comfort now seemed tight and constricting.

I had to find an alternative for yoga pants.

And the clothing item that I once looked as my go to for comfort now seemed tight and constricting.

Look at these!! I found these pants at White House Black Market. They are the perfect yoga pants alternative. A jersey blend that is super comfortable to the skin and to the touch. They are wrinkle resistant. I’ve worn them all day for conference calls, slipped them on with sandals for a quick grocery store run and put them on with a tank for an evening of outdoor cocktails - while we were social distancing of course. I also loved the little built-in belt.

Here are a few other comfy, chic options that I am found:

I also love these pants because they are easy to dress up or down. I paired them with flat sandals and - for the day when I venture out to meet with clients again - a blazer and heels for business.

I’m going to be sharing more chic options that I am incorporating and creating as we quarantine.


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