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Five tips to restart your goals and finish strong by the end of the year

It has been quite the year. As of July 31, we are in the second half of the year. Things just got real. Normally in February, the majority of us have given up our goals. As a matter of fact a staggering 92 percent of people who set goals each year never actually achieve them.

And this year has been even more difficult. For some of us the pandemic had a direct impact, while for others they were impacted by a job loss, delayed contract or postponed travel plans.

For those of you who set goals, failing to meet goals or having your goals upended can set you back and leave you discouraged and frustrated.

You are not alone.

This year has felt like you got all dressed up with nowhere to go with your big plans in hand. Where do you go from here when it feels like the only constant in your life is change?

You are not alone.

We may not be able to kick COVID but here are five tips to kick- start your goals and finish the second half of the year strong.

  1. Re-evaluate your goals. There is no harm in reassessing your goals and making them more realistic to reach. With everything that has happened it may be impossible to stick to your original plan but reset to a more realistic goal that you can still make happen.

  2. Focus on your why. Look for a sense of purpose as to why you do what you do. Will reaching your goal better the lives of your customers, give you more time with your family, or help you live a longer healthier life. You are more likely to reach your goal if you keep remembering your why.

  3. Create consistency habits. Determine exactly what steps are necessary to achieve your larger goals and take baby steps each day to get back on track.

  4. Get an accountability partner. Share your revised goals with a trusted friend or mentor to help you stay on track and keep your commitments.

  5. Take it one day at a time. Remember that reaching your goals is a marathon not a sprint. While there are some circumstances out of your control, including a global pandemic, make the choice to control what you can control everyday.

There will always be challenges to your big goals. Don’t let COVID prevent you from reaching your goals. Remember, you can do hard things.

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