5 Tips for Picture Perfect Looks for Zoom Conference Calls

Are we over Zoom yet?

I think we were all so excited five months when we are all sent to work from home. Or for those of us that worked from home, it was a nice change to skip the traffic, school carline and getting dressed for those lunch meetings and coffees. Score!

But I think it’s been a big challenge to pull off a polished look on all those Zoom calls that have become part of our everyday. But dressing for a conference or Zoom is much like dressing for a headshot.

The key is to focus the colors and cut of the collar on your face. To look your best you also have to make sure that the background is clean and the desk or table is not cluttered.

Here are few tips to make sure that you look picture perfect the next time you Zoom!

1. Stay away from large patterns or prints. Pay attention to oversized prints that are not the appropriate scale.

2. Choose the right collar. There are so many collar types and on a headshot or environment like a Zoom, the collar can make a huge difference. Collars will translate differently based on laptop screen so make sure you try on a few tops with various collars to see which one is the most flattering.

Put together a professional, polished look

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Oversized jewelry will often distract the eye and keep people from looking at your beautiful face. On a computer screen, large jewelry or wearing too many pieces of jewelry can be even more distracting. Keep the bling to a minimum so your colleagues, clients and co-workers can see what you have to say.

4. Choose a color that compliments your skin, hair, and eyes. Choosing a color that accentuates your skin tone will ensure that you look great in those Zoom screen group shots. Holding an item near your face will ensure that you present a vibrant healthy glow on stage.

5. Wear shoes you love! When I have a presentation on Zoom, I always add my favorite high heel to give me a little energy boots. That quiet confidence will translate on a video conference just like it does on camera.

Don’t forget the ‘work’ in work from home. Keep your online look polished and professional.


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