5 Things That Bring Me Joy

Quarantine time has allowed for extended family time but time for you is important too.

Despite this horrible pandemic, I think that this period has also brought some much needed changes to our lives and given us all the time to reflect on what is truly important. I am certainly thankful for the additional time I have gotten to spend with my husband while he was allowed to work from home and cherished doing absolutely nothing with my kids.

There have also been times when all of this togetherness has been a bit too much. I have moved my desk out of the office because we are remodeling our guest bed and bath rooms. My kids have taken over the family room for much of the day (formerly my time to work ) to play video games and my once quiet days are now filled with the sounds of kids bickering.

I also miss my superwoman transition time. You know the time that you get in your car or in your bedroom or walk around the block and change from entrepreneur to wife and mom. They few minutes that you get before everyone walks in from school and work and the chaos begins...priceless. Well I know I needed that time back so I took some small actions that you can take too.

I also miss my superwoman transition time.

Here are the 5 things that bring joy to my life each week:

  1. Jo Malone. I took a very long bath and allowed myself to just sit, think and get all wrinkly. This is my favorite fragrance (below) but I find that all of Jo Malone’s scents are delicious.

  2. A walk on the beach. I absolutely love the sea. There is something about the sound of the sea, sand between my toes and the smell of sea air that makes me remember that life is good. And this day at the marina was exactly what I needed.

  3. Snuggling up with a good book. Over the last 12 months most of the books I have read have been via Audible. It allows me to read and get through so many great books while I was in my car and out on my walk or on a run. It’s so addicting! But there is something so relaxing about completely unplugging and turning paper pages. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory is the book I can’t put down right now.

  4. Watching old movies. I love old movies and have been enjoying them more during this season. Maybe it is the predictable happy endings that I am craving during these uncertain times. But I watched Mahogany, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Grease. Pure happiness!

  5. Flowers. Growing up my Grandmother had a beautiful rose garden. We would cut buds to pin on our Sunday dresses for special occasions. I forgot how much I enjoyed having fresh flowers in the house. A few weeks ago I decided to bring home a new bouquet. Walking by them each day puts a smile on my face everytime. I still have to figure out what will grow in this Florida heat but I’ve decided I’d love to grow some flowers of my own. Promise to share them when I do.

I know that filling up my tank is more important now than ever before. I want to make sure I have joy, love and support to give when my family needs me most.


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