5 Easy Table Decorating Tips

Create a dining table that turns this unusual Thanksgiving into an extraordinary one

To say this has been an unusual year, I realize would be putting it mildly. I like millions of Americans got their hopes dashed about safely getting together with my extended family when the COVID-19 cases spiked here in the US and then the Centers for Disease Control came straight out and said that we should not get together. Not even for turkey day?

While I was bummed, I was grateful that the decision that we made to stay close to home would protect everyone, including my aunts and uncles - all in their 70’s- and our grandmother who just turned 100 this year. Instead of being down, I decided to be grateful and create an over the top dinner table and menu for the people that I would be with. I want to celebrate my husband, children and mom and dad. We are together. We are healthy and thriving this year and being alive this year, definitely has new meaning for me this year.

Use this year as an opportunity to celebrate those you love.

For me, a dinner party starts with the dinner table and I wanted my table to both decadent and warm and inviting this year. Here are the tips that I use to create a cozy, celebratory dining table.

  1. Start with the centerpiece. I create my dinner table starting with the centerpiece. This allows me to create a focal point and layer from there.

  2. Select a tablecloth or runner. I went with a tablecloth this year because there were lots of things that I wanted to add to my table and a tablecloth allows you to start with a clean plate. If you use a runner keep in mind that the color of your table will be another element in your design scheme of layering, coloring and texture

  3. Layer. Make sure that your table has depth by layering with color, different textures to the table. You can add layers through different size and shape of your plates, selecting a textured table cloth or adding things to the table like winter leaves.

  4. Add color. Fall colors are so rich and beautiful make sure to incorporate them into your table. Browns, oranges and earth tones can be added for some pop and you can sprinkle in shades of blue or green too.

  5. Candles create the perfect effect. Nothing changes a dining room table setting like candles. Add lots of candles such as tall candlesticks and tea lights because you can never add too many. Mix and match colors and heights for a dramatic effect. Make sure to choose unscented candles so they don’t interfere with the aroma of your food.

Take a few of these tips and turn this unusual Thanksgiving into an extraordinary one for the ones closest to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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