10 things we are doing to pass the quarantine time

The unexpected surprise of COVID-19 that brought our family closer together and the priceless gift of time.

Moms you know the deal…we count down the days to the end of the school year. This year was particularly challenging in light of COVID-19 and the racial unrest in the United States And yet here we are nearing the middle of summer.

It’s our normal roller coaster ride but this year was different. in the midst of this pandemic and racial unrest, I'm am holding my kids a bit tighter. I'm hyper focused on enjoying every stage and every age.

As exhausting as the first few weeks of the quarantine have been, I tried to enjoy my son's messy habits. My daughter's mid-afternoon meals and the random hugs and conversations that I got to experience throughout this time.

I've been reminded that they are thoughtful, funny and kind kids. I've' learned to appreciate the sometimes manic moods of my middle school daughter and the non-stop movement of my teen son.

Staying focused on this season that I know may never come again.

Because I realize and am staying focused on this season that I know I may never see again. This global time out, which I know has affected so many people negatively, has also forced us all to eat together daily, have fun family workouts and learn to appreciate one another like never before.

The other blessing is that I have free photography and I wanted this look to have a nostalgic seventies vibe. My son taking the photos made that really easy. I keep trying to remind myself that we have tons of time left even though I know that isn't true. My babies are growing up. In the meantime, I'll be grateful, thankful and admittedly a little sad all at the same time.

But most of all, I will stay present in these unexpected mommy moments.

Here are a few fun activites we are taking on.

  1. Learning a Tik Tok dance. I haven't decided if I will let my daughter share it!

  2. Sharing our story. We shared the video of our love story and their birth stories.

  3. Learning new dishes. My daughter has been treating us to homemade crepes.

  4. Decorating my daughter's room. She found a room on line that will require some stencils.

  5. Photobooks. We are doing a photobook competition. Each of us has to tell a story about our family. I'm cheating a bit and using Shutterfly.

  6. Plan a dream vacation. It will be interesting because we have all selected a different place.

  7. Gone to the beach. It was a treat to go as the family.

  8. Letters to the ederly. The kids and I wrote lettters to the ederly They feel very isolated and this was an easy thing to do to support them through COVID-19.

  9. Schedule a weekly movie date. It was so fun to watch Hamilton. We let a different family member select the movie each week.

  10. Starting a garden. Now this one is my favorite and here are the cool planters I ordered from Wayfair.

Drop me a line to share the fun family memories that you are making.


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