People Are Going to Talk About You: Here’s the 5 things You Want Them to Say

written by Tonya Evans November 10, 2017

I have been working with women – phenomenal women –  doing amazing work over the past 10 years as an executive image consultant and media coach. Working with them has been a privilege. In fact, I was their groupie first – reaching out to many of them as admirers of their work before ever working together.

In the last few years however, that has changed dramatically. While I am thrilled to have so many new clients reach out to me, instead of the other way around, most of them don’t want to create long term brands with staying power. They want to be an insta speaker. They want an insta- brand, with insta-revenue. They even want to become insta-authors. In other words they are looking for insta-success.

Let me explain.

Do a quick search and you’ll find that branding, professional branding, brand image and terms like brand you, have reached a fever pitch. While I completely believe in building a brand, branding is the result of hard work. It alone is not a strategy for success.

A brand is nothing more than your professional word of mouth.  It’s what people say behind your back when you are not in the room. It’s based on your expertise and skills; your ability to communicate effectively. In addition, it’s your image; the wow moments you create by the way you make others feel when they work with you; and your ability to consistently be in front of the professional curve through your commitment to lifelong learning.

Those five keys will result in a brand that people won’t forget and can’t stop talking about. That is brand ‘YOU.’ It includes:

  • Your expertise and skills: “Sheila is an expert in XYZ. Brilliant. I’d definitely reach out to her on this.”
  • Your ability to communicate effectively. “I love to hear you speak. I was totally taking notes.”
  • Your image. “You always look so professional, amazing, etc.“
  • The wow moments you create. ‘You nailed that project. Everyone was blown away.”
  • Your ability to consistently be in front of the professional curve. “Thanks for sharing that info from the conference. That will help the entire team.”

We are entering the last quarter of the year. What are you doing to build a brand that is truly unforgettable and will give your clients, colleagues and team something to talk about?


Tonya Rochelle

Style tip: A dress can mean business. Make sure that it’s not one of the too’s – too short, too tight or too low cut and add new meaning to ‘dress’ for success.

{Always in mommy mode – see my son’s little foot. He said, “They should know I’m here.”  Don’t let being a mom stop you – do it with them and let them see you work.}

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