More Pretty Prints, please.

written by Tonya Evans September 3, 2019

I love a good print. I think it is an instant way to elevate an every day look and stand out from the crowd. So when pretty prints in bold florals and colors flooded the runways for fall, I was like, “Yippeee!”

Using a print to add to your closet is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd in the boardroom or at your next conference or luncheon. Usually reserved for spring, this year, designers went all out to incorporate lady-like as well as big bold florals in all shapes sizes and colors.

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I love this look and the ease in which I can mix and match it with other items in my closet. I can pair the top with black pants, wear it under a suit or add a blazer and bandeau to pair with the pants.

Don’t let the look of head to toe florals frighten you. Instead use these three tips to rock the look all fall season: 1) Keep everything else simple. Add a simple pump in black or another neutral so that attention on the print stays front and center. Bold jewelry is fine but I’m sticking with gold or silver for this look. 2) Ground the pattern with a foundational piece. Pair this with black blazer or add a trench coat while traveling. 3) Break up the pair. If the look is still too bold for you wear the pieces separately with foundational pieces in your closet.

This outfit was calling to me. It’s got a pretty print in floral and pops of hot of pink. The pant has an on trend flair that looks beautiful while doing your Naomi Campbell walk. I can’t wait to wear it this fall with a feathered, strappy shoe for evening and pumps for day. Like the look? Send me a pic of your take on this fall trend.

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