Iman and the Classic Trench Coat – two iconic classics

written by Tonya Evans January 28, 2019

I had to have a trench coat. As a child, I spent hours flipping through the pages of my favorite magazines. The locations and clothing, the photography – all of it just took my breathe away and inspired my love of travel and aspirations of new far away experiences. But, while I’ve always loved fashion, I wasn’t sure if it loved me – or at least black women of color who looked like me. Representation of black women in the pages of the magazines I adored like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar were few and far between.

Then I saw her face.

Iman was bold. She was regal. She had an unworldly beauty. She wore a trench coat when I wasn’t sure what one was. I tried to emulate her catwalk and master her poses. I collected pages and pages of her editorial shoots, posting them on my bedrooms wall. Iman was the ‘it’ face. The fashion industry loved her – and so did I. There was no one like her and she looked… like me. So years later when she did a campaign featuring her and her late husband David Bowie featuring a limited edition capsule collection, I had to have a piece and this trench coach – the one owned by my style icon – was it.

It’s one of the pieces that I will forever treasure.

If you only buy one item for your outwear arsenal, make it a classic trench coat. Besides being an iconic piece is featured in some of most beloved movies – check some of them out here– a true never fail, all occasion classic.

Whether you wear it for air travel or over an evening dress, it is a way to instantly elevate your look. Pair with jeans for a day of busy travel and climate changes or running errands on a rainy day. It is true lifesaver.

Burberry -the grandaddy of the trench coat. Find it here.

For those that dare to wear a head-to-toe trend or try a more daring current trend with foundational pieces, a trench coat is a great way to weave in a classical element.

Starlets from Audrey Hepburn to Ingrid Bergman knew the power and chic sensibility of a class trench which quickly became a cult classic. And this wardrobe workhorse works for everyone from style influencers to corporate couture execs.

The trench coat was an Audrey Hepburn staple.

As I always say, trends may come and go but wardrobe staples remain the same. Turn to the trench coat as an investment piece that will truly last you a lifetime – a class trench coat has miles of style.

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