Your guide to summer white party starts here

written by Tonya Evans May 31, 2017

Summer means lounging at the Penthouse Pool with cabanas and stunning views at a summer white party. It means an evening soirées on sprawling lawns softly lit with clusters of candles, refreshing libations, the sounds of this year’s summer hit of the season and summer white parties.

No one can pinpoint the birth of “summer whites” but its been traced back to the Victorian era when it became a widespread trend among elite Americans, British and French society. Wearing white was popular when playing golf and yachting and became the sports uniform of those with affluence.

This summertime trend began to pop up in the East Coast in seaside communities of the wealthy like the Hamptons, Newport and Rhode Island. The trend spilled over into debutante balls, sorority rituals, and private school graduations to convey exclusivity, virtue, and leisurely wealth.

The summertime trend continues with guests donning head to toe white looks that are clean, crisp and exude confidence. I picked up this number and hope that from this summertime tradition never ends.

What I wore {The Line By K dress, $160}

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