Dreamland Company Creates Sleep Shirt of Your Dreams

written by Tonya Evans June 19, 2017

Recently, my family got to take the trip of a lifetime to Cooperstown, New York – the mecca of baseball. We’d decided to turn the 7 days into a vacay and I was sooo ready. My husband booked a 3-bedroom home nestled in the mountains. I talked my parents into coming along so that we could spend some time together and we were sharing the house with some fun family friends. Food, fun, fantastic people and cocktails – the perfect ingredients for late nights and mornings.

There was only one problem. I was looking forward to lots of rest, lounging and relaxation but I don’t have much to lounge in.

Over the years, I’ve tried to keep my lingerie collection fresh and fun for the hubby and the few weeks that we get to sneak away. But it’s been a struggle to find pieces that are pleasing to the eye and family appropriate for my kids and their frequent sleepovers. More often than not, I’ve opted for jammies that are comfy and frumpy.

Until now!

Dreamshirt in Pink Flamingo

The Dreamland Company Sleep Shirt

Thanks to The Dreamland Company, I can now say ‘no’ to my husband’s oversized tees and yes to a soft as butter dream shirt made just for me. My Dreamland shirt arrived just in time for my trip and a real life test drive.

Soft doesn’t even describe the lightweight fabric and luxurious feel. But what won me over was the feminine fit, stylish ruching and the perfect length for coffee on the patio with our friends. As I walked through the beautiful gardens, I was both comfortable, covered up – and super cute!

I ordered the dream shirt in Pink Flamingo and love all the bright colors available for summer.  I’ve found your perfect sleepwear solution… and wish you sweet dreams, sleep tight, may all be well and good night.

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