Use these 3 C’s to Build an Incredible Brand

written by Tonya Evans October 17, 2017

The next time you meet someone for the first time remember they’ve probably Googled you.

In the ever expanding world of social media, it is important to prepare for a meeting beyond your talking points. You need to make sure that your brand image communicates the three C’s which include:

  1. Consistency across all media platforms
  2. Complementary look and feel to that of your brand
  3. Conveys your brand value

C #1: Evaluate your image across all brand platforms, make a list of all of the places where your image might appear. This includes marketing pieces, websites and social media platforms. Carefully review each photo to determine whether the photos consistently support your brand. Do your facial expressions convey your credibility and trustworthiness? Do your wardrobe colors express a feeling of youthfulness and health related to your brand?

Loving the #target A New Day Collection paired with my mini Moschino blazer .

C #2: Once you have done a thorough evaluation, select colors and other visual elements that are consistent and create a winning branding and image. Many companies have entire departments tasked with making sure that the look and feel of their brand is complementary across all areas of the business. Your brand should be no different; devote the time to create consistency!

C #3: Select strong images that convey your message. As an example, Nike consistently uses elite athletes or every day weekend warriors who look fit and are dedicated to their sport. The use of these images complements their brand message – “use Nike products and your body will be fit, healthy and strong too.” For entrepreneurs and business professionals that same rule holds true. Make sure your images are conveying what’s most important to your brand. Image = accurate brand message!

Bonus C: Curb Appeal

For example real estate professionals stress the importance of curb appeal sometimes equals the value of your home to buyers. Studies show that over 80 percent of buyers get their first look at a house from a picture online and don’t look any further if they don’t like what they see.

Take the time to honestly assess your image and branding. Your image should show mad curb appeal. It takes only moments for someone to “Google you” and make and an assessment about your ability and credibility. Invest in an image that conveys your professionalism, executive presence and leadership. Give your brand curb appeal!

Tonya Rochelle

Personal style tip: Pair high low pieces for wear to work.

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