Beautiful skin requires commitment – not a miracle

written by Tonya Evans December 10, 2019

One of my most vivid memories growing up was my mother’s weekend rituals. Every Saturday morning she cleaned our house from top to bottom. Her cleaning music of choice were artists like Al Green or Marvin Gaye. Her other weekend ritual (or chore) was to press and curl my hair on Sunday nights.

It would take hours for us to wash, condition, detangle, dry and finally press and curl my hair. I would sit there – miserable, wiggling and whining. My mom would finish and say, “There. All ready for the week.” Even though I hated those hours of sitting on that kitchen chair, I have continued my moms tradition of creating a Sunday night beauty ritual as a way to refresh and renew. 

Before I share my full ritual here’s a bit of background. I was given favor in the genes department when it comes to my skin and have never had any real skin struggles. I’m not being arrogant about that and am so thankful. But aging has really changed my skincare needs. My once oily skin now needs lots of moisture. Even during the humid summer months here in Florida, my skin can be flakey and dry in places.  And while I’ve done better at increasing my water intake, I realize my skin now needs gentle care combined with powerful science. 

So I turned to Erno Laszlo as my go to to meet my skins changing needs. WIth a rich history of developing skincare rituals for the Hollywood elite, Erno’s creator, Dr. Laszlo, creates customized formulations to meet your skincare needs. I know that great skin means putting in the time for long-term results. 

As Dr. Laszlo says, “Beautiful skin requires commitment. Not a miracle.” 

I’m committed to my new skincare ritual that includes daily steps and weekly treatments that are hyper-focused on hydration. I begin with the Hydrate & Nourish foaming cleanser. It’s got a nice foamy consistency to it which I like.

Next I apply the Hydra Therapy Boost Serum. The first time I used it, I could feel the difference in the moisture level of my skin and over the last 2 weeks it feels and looks hydrated and there is no flaky patches! Thank you Lord! 

The Hydrate and Nourish Memory Sleep Mask is the product I was most excited about. I use it twice a week, on Wednesday’s and as part of my Sunday evening ritual. After only one use, I got several comments about the glow to my skin and could see the difference in my skin right away. The scent is super light and I love the idea of infusing moisture in my skin while I sleep. I know I said no miracles but this is a miracle in a bottle.

With my non-stop weekday schedule, it feels great to know that I am treating my skin daily and giving it the hydration it needs for that inside out glow. And I am thrilled to know that investing in my skin today will help me love the skin I’m in for years to come. 

This post is sponsored by Erno Laszlo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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