As a leader, you have a depth of experience, industry knowledge and professional and personal stories that can be shared through thought leadership. That expertise combined with an image that conveys your style, polish & professionalism, and knowledge opens doors to new opportunities.

Preparing leaders for the Ted Talk international stage and trained at the prestigious London Image Institute, Tonya has prepped leaders for the media, taught women how to be camera ready and coached them through the launch and reinvention of their personal brands for more than 10 years. Her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, and The Examiner; and organizations like Hadassah, Nova Southeastern University and the National Black MBA Association have tapped her expertise to speak and teach in the areas of image, personal branding & thought leadership.

Early on Tonya understood the importance of dressing on purpose and the power of story to inspire change. After becoming a certified image consultant at the prestigious London Image Institute, she launched Style Strategist Inc., allowing her to combine her years of PR experience and passion for branding through image and thought leadership.