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Meet Tonya

Wife, GenX mom, & entrepreneur sharing lifestyle inspiration for women over 40 - the best of your life is yet to come!

I’m Tonya Seavers Evans, I love to talk about the fashion, beauty, wellness & lifestyle solultions I've uncovered for women over 40 because I believe that your happily ever after is right NOW. I share my tips on dressing to look fabulous at ever age and stage and provide tips to help you design a life you'll love...because its never too late. 

From My Blog

Thanks for taking a sneak peek at my life and loves and some of the amazing and practical discoveries I've found to help you live a life full of grace and glamour at any age.


"No matter what your age or stage, I believe the rest of your life can be the best of you life. This is prime time."



Patricia, Atlanta, Georgia

“I owe a lot of the success that I am experiencing now to you because changing your wardrobe does so much for your outlook and your approach.  Thanks Tonya!” 

Danielle, Miami, Florida

I have spent most of my career in front of the camera and Tonya’s ability to quickly assess my personal style and pull together a look is amazing. 

Lynn, Dreamland Company

Just saw your post! Those pictures are  STUNNING! Your words are perfection.

Thank you, Tonya!  



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We discuss lifestyle issues and provide business solutions for women over 40 and encourage them to live their best lives at every age and stage!




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